AUTMAssociation of University Technology Managers
AUTMAuthorised Unusable Time (Loran-C System)
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SOCAR announced that AUTM managers decided to halt educational activities of the Araz preparation courses and other affiliated educational institutions that are under the umbrella of the AUTM, during a meeting held on Thursday.
To register for the AUTM 2013 Eastern Region Meeting visit: http://www.
Sources: Author's calculations from AUTM and Times Higher Education World University Ranking.
It then argues that the AUTM's claims have little basis in reality and raise a red flag: either the AUTM misunderstands the purpose of Bayh-Dole, or it has adopted a misguided interest in securing rent-seeking licenses based on the fruits of academic researchers.
AUTM has also recently endorsed "strategies that promote the availability of health-related technologies in developing countries for essential medical care.
For the 2008 AUTM meeting, there were just four participants from India who went with their own resources as compared to substantial Govt/Industry sponsored delegations from countries in the growth curve like China.
73) For example, see the results of AUTM licensing surveys (Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), "Licensing Surveys", online: AUTM <http://www.
AUTM points out that the Honeycrisp's contributions go well beyond flavor.
I had gone to the AUTM meeting to find out how those who actually do technology transfer react to these and other criticisms.
As described in the appendix, firms in the sample accounted for at least 15% of the license agreements and 17% of sponsored research agreements reported by the AUTM in 1997.
AUTM carried out "reconciliation exercises" to discover each client's entitlement between December 1995 and November 1996.
AUTM have also put approximately pounds 272,500 into the unit trusts affected and changed their procedures.