AUTNAuthentication Token for Network
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AUTNAuthentication Token (3GPP)
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The BS transmits RAND and AUTN to the UE and the latter employs the same hash methods to generate authentication responses XMAC and RES, and then compares whether MAC is same with XMAC.
Different from AKA where AUTN is transmitted directly to the UE, the BS separates the authentication code MAC out and uses a fault-tolerant hash method hash([??]) proposed in our previous work [24] to bind MAC and [H.sub.10](f) to generate physical layer response mac in (3),
Then the BS sends AUTN':= SQN[symmetry]AK || AMF, the random number RAND and the physical layer response mac to the UE.
Upon receipt of a (RAND, AUTN), the USIM computes the anonymity key AK = [f.sub.5]k (RAND) and retrieves the unconcealed sequence number SQN = (SQN [direct sum] AK) [direct sum] AK, XMAC-A = [f.sub.1]k (SQN [parallel] RAND [parallel] AMF), the response RES = [f.sub.2]k (RAND), the cipher key CK = [f.sub.3]k (RAND) and the integrity key IK = f4k (RAND) as shown in fig.2.
Autonomy Corporation plc (Nasdaq: AUTN; LSE: AU.; Easdaq: AUTN), San Francisco, a global leader in infrastructure software for the Web and the enterprise, has announced the expansion of its technology for wireless-enabling applications with support for NTT DoCoMo i-mode wireless protocol.
In July 1998, the company went public on the Easdaq exchange (Easdaq: AUTN).
Autonomy Corporation plc (Nasdaq: AUTN; Nasdaq Europe: AUTN; LSE: AU.), a leading provider of infrastructure software for the Web and the enterprise, today announced that The Presidential Task Force on Employment of Adults with Disabilities/Office of Disability Employment Policy of The United States Department of Labor will use Autonomy Server, Autonomy Update and Autonomy Categorizer for the upcoming project.
Infrastructure software company Autonomy Corporation plc (Nasdaq: AUTN) has announced that it has been selected by the UK National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) to support the analysis behind its National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS).
Building materials group Lafarge has implemented a new enterprise-wide intelligent retrieval system powered by technology from infrastructure software provider Autonomy Corporation plc (Nasdaq: AUTN).