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AUTOAssociation of Ugandan Tour Operators
AUTOAcorn User Treffen Ost (German: Acorn User Meetings East)
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Before the chauffeur could back clear, an old Irishman, driving a rickety express waggon and lashing his one horse to a gallop, had locked wheels with the auto. Drummond recognized both horse and waggon, for he had driven them often himself.
It caught the captain fairly on the chest, and he went over backward, striking on a wheeler's back, tumbling on to the ground, and jamming against the rear wheel of the auto.
Freddie Drummond sat in the auto, quite composed, alongside Catherine Van Vorst; but looking out of Freddie Drummond's eyes was Bill Totts, and somewhere behind those eyes, battling for the control of their mutual body, were Freddie Drummond the sane and conservative sociologist, and Bill Totts, the class-conscious and bellicose union working man.
11 -- People's choice Auto Expo Awards is first of its kind in India to recognize the best in an auto show.
What are the trends in auto coverage heading into 2012?
However, many people are always weary of this concept because of the hassles involved in getting multiple quotes from various auto insurance companies and comparing them.
When other lenders dropped out of the auto lending market, credit unions enjoyed an influx of lending opportunities.
Private passenger auto--A four-wheel auto of the private passenger or station wagon type, including a pickup, panel truck, or van not used for business.
Easy Auto Services is focused at two groups of users - the casual auto commuter and the regular auto commuter.
"SearchChicago-Autos continues to be the Chicago area's best source of auto coverage and listings," Cyrus F.
The Mason City shredder is the company's third auto shredder and its first greenfield auto shredder, with a reported cost of $10 million.