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AUTOAssociation of Ugandan Tour Operators
AUTOAcorn User Treffen Ost (German: Acorn User Meetings East)
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Principal products: Life insurance, homeowners, auto and commercial business
Serving a semi-rural market in East Central Wisconsin, American Auto can provide more options for its widespread customer base by staying involved in both segments.
We do have a significant impact on the global auto industry,'' said Jack Kyser, senior vice president and chief economist of the LAEDC and one of the report's authors.
Most umbrella policies require the basic auto liability coverage to be only $100,000 or $300,000, not the full $1 million, offsetting some of the umbrella policy's cost.
Together with the development of Chinas economy, relatively rapid growth has been maintained in Chinas auto part market in the recent years.
A healthier relationship between auto insurers and auto-body shops also supports the personal lines insurers' new approach to customer service that focuses on restoration, rather than issuing checks.
The Auto Club began reaching out to more common drivers in 1905 when it repositioned itself as a service organization.
Inaugural users include Capital One Auto Finance, the nation's largest online auto lender, which is rolling out Zag's platform for its DriveOne program; and Autoland, the nation's oldest and most successful credit union auto-buying service, which Zag acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary in November 2005.
Assurant Solutions said that ALPS was designed for insurance companies with the needs of the auto insurance, auto salvage and auto lender markets in mind.
Visalia Auto Plaza, a state-of-the-art regional automotive and service center is the logical answer for local and out-of-market auto dealers looking for a more regional Central Valley location, closer to Highway 99.
The Letter Agreement will expire on August 4, 2006 if a Supplemental Indenture that will give effect to the Extension and the Amendments is not executed and delivered by Auto and the Trustee for the Notes by 5:00, Eastern Daylight Time, on August 4, 2006.
That relationship will assist in diversifying Allied Holdings' dependence on one auto manufacturer.