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AUTOCODEAutomatic Processing of Design Codes of Practice
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Since its introduction in 1987, AutoCode has evolved from a prototyping tool to a flexible, optimized code generator for various embedded applications.
Its algebraic programming language, Atlas Autocode (an Algol-60 dialect) had nested block structure, dynamic array dimensioning, and recursive routines, features that I recognized then as vitally important and whose fundamental significance was revealed to me some years later after studying the theory of computation.
These tools include: MicroAutoBox, Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems, HIL simulators, measurement and calibration hardware and software, autocode generating software and other tools.
The CodeWarrior(TM) Development Studio for the 56800/E family of products includes the Unis Processor Expert(TM) autocode generator.
Statemate(R) With MicroC Code Generator Enables Behavior Modeling and Autocode Generation for New Vehicle Lines Reducing Cost While Increasing Reliability and Reusability
1 also features AutoCode improvements, including fixed-point generated code footprint reductions up to 50 percent and an additional code generation template for targeting the VxWorks 5.
In addition, RT-LAB RLX is fully compatible with the MATRIXx product family - Xmath, SystemBuild and AutoCode.
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NYSE: TRW) announced today the newest release of AutoCode CS.
Phase Forward Incorporated, the leading provider of Internet solutions for clinical data collection and management, and TRW Healthcare Solutions plan to extend Phase Forward's InForm with TRW's AutoCode CS(TM) technology.
HTML Support Framework to read and generate HTML files in Smalltalk and autocode classes of HTMLObject from an HTML language specification file.