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AUTOCODEAutomatic Processing of Design Codes of Practice
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In retrospect, it would have been possible to design a pro forma that matched the autocode parameters of NVivo or other qualitative analysis software tools to streamline this process and provide a more efficient database.
This support usually consisted of a basic machine code input program, a simple version of Autocode, utility testing systems such as memory print, query print, tape copy, etc.
The Prodigy Autocode Non-Talking Blood Glucose Meter is autocoding, which translates to fewer steps, no coding errors and fast testing.
The development enviromnent for the 56800/E product family includes the Unis Processor Expert autocode generator, designed to reduce development time, improve code quality and speed time to market.
When combined with the QNX real-time operating system and automatic C-code generators, such as Real-Time Workshop for Simulink and AutoCode for SystemBuild, the RT-LAB Electric Drive Simulator can achieve cycle rates below 50 microseconds, providing engineers with a platform that dramatically reduces design time and costs, particularly where traditional Design/Build/Test cycles represent a significant part of the design process.