AUTOIPAutomatic Internet Protocol Addressing
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The flexible stack supports all popular protocols such as ACD, ARP, AutoIP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, ICMP, IPv4, Multicast, NetBIOS Name Service, PPP/PPPoE, SMTP, SNTP, TCP, UDP, UPnP, VLAN, and many more.
Its product line includes AutoIP, an open-platform VMS, and a series of network video recorders, megapixel cameras, and video encoders.
In addition, many off-the-shelf converters do not support AutoIP and duplicate IP.
If the converter supports AutoIP, then it accommodates duplicate IP detection as well.
First, enable DHCP and AutoIP; second, restart the converter to determine its IP address.
The converter's ARP module will need modification if AutoIP is not supported.
The Null Probe is used to ensure that either a static IP address, an address provided by the DHCP server in the system, or an AutoIP address is not already in use on the network.
AutoIP automatically selects an IP address without using a DHCP server.
Not all converters support AutoIP, but you can implement it by trying an address, detecting if it's in use, and if so, looping until a free IP address is found.
The DSLAM features AutoIP architecture with tools to simplify the deployment and management of IP broadband services.