AUTOLOGAutomated Logistics System
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Future plans include offering Autolog to other European regions as well as North America.
The sensitivity of autolog serum skin test is lower compared to the other methods, but its negative predictive value is considerably high in terms of determining functional autoantibodies if performed accurately.
From the truly incredible in-car visuals and life-like driver head controls that allow you to check your rear view mirror to the insanely addictive Autolog feature, which constantly reminds you of how well (or badly) you're performing against your online pals, Shift 2 excels in a cluttered field of above-average racers.
The cornerstone of autonomic logistics (AutoLog) is an advanced diagnostic and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) system.
NFSHP's Autolog is a new feature that will soon see the light of day again in Shift Unleashed.
* Linear Grading for Small Log Lumber, by Andre Nadeau, CEO, Autolog, Blainville, QC, Canada
America West Airlines and Autolog, a nationwide auto transporter, announced an agreement that will give seasonal commuters the opportunity to enjoy America West's low fares and great service while benefiting from discounted rates for transporting their cars.
Automotive Industries had the opportunity to sit down with a number of the speakers at this year's AutoLog 2003--a conference dedicated to all aspects of supply chain management--we spoke with representatives from OEM and supplier relations to transportation and logistics providers, to IT providers and service parts distributors.
An advanced flavouring line, with an Autolog PLC at the heart of its control system, recently installed to also transport Jonathan Crisp brand crisps from production to packaging, has ensured quality with increased throughput at the Oxfordshire plant of Natural Crisps.
In the same way that when we introduced Autolog with Hot Pursuit, we said it will change the way people play, and it did in Hot Pursuit," ( confirmed the Ghost Game's creative director to Digital Spy when asked about new features included in future instalments.