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AUTOSAgency Upgrade of Technology for Office Systems
AUTOSAnnual Unit Training On-Line System
AUTOSAutomated Unit Training On-line System
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Before the chauffeur could back clear, an old Irishman, driving a rickety express waggon and lashing his one horse to a gallop, had locked wheels with the auto. Drummond recognized both horse and waggon, for he had driven them often himself.
It caught the captain fairly on the chest, and he went over backward, striking on a wheeler's back, tumbling on to the ground, and jamming against the rear wheel of the auto.
Freddie Drummond sat in the auto, quite composed, alongside Catherine Van Vorst; but looking out of Freddie Drummond's eyes was Bill Totts, and somewhere behind those eyes, battling for the control of their mutual body, were Freddie Drummond the sane and conservative sociologist, and Bill Totts, the class-conscious and bellicose union working man.
17 Sales of imported new autos (2) 2.665 2.786 2.888
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 8 (ANI): In an endeavor to spread road safety awareness, Hyderabad Traffic Police has come up with an Initiative, namley 'My Auto is Safe'.
Ola introduced autos before Uber did - in October 2014.
" Pink autos were launched in Ranchi for safety of women after cases of harassment and molestation increased and girls found it unsafe to travel in crowded public transport.
* Determine the difference between private passenger autos and other than private passenger autos
The company is also looking at it's 'fleet' of autos as a distribution channel for sales of soft drinks, water, snacks (in partnership with Pepsi).
* Refer to the dramatic shift in the market share of foreign autos in the American market.
"The combination of a greater number of available scrapped autos, more encompassing environmental regulations and improved recycling efficiencies should enable continued growth in the secondary supply of PGMs in the coming years," Kumar continues.
Item three is a schedule of covered autos that the named insured owns.