AUTOSPECAutomated Specifications
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Instrumental analysis was carried out with a VG AutoSpec high resolution mass spectrometer connected to a Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II gas chromatograph.
High-resolution GC/MS was carried out by injection of 1 [micro]L of the sample in toluene onto a 0.25 mm x 30 m DB-1701 column (J&W Scientific) mounted in an HP5890 gas chromatograph, which was interfaced to a VG Autospec mass spectrometer operated at 10 000 resolution.
Autospec II vision inspection system is for flaw detection and gaging of metal stampings, sintered-metal parts, and castings.
Shortly, the analyses were carried out on an Agilent 6890 Series gas chromatograph (GC; Agilent Technology, Wilmington, DE, USA) in combination with an Autospec Ultima mass spectrometer (MS; Micromass Ltd., Manchester, England) using an EI ion source.
* Eagle Iron Works began manufacturing Autospec, a computer-controlled sand classifying system.
An Agilent 6890 Series gas chromatograph (GC; Agilent Technology, Wilmington, DE, USA) coupled with an Autospec Ultima MS (Micromass Ltd., Manchester, England) was used for the FA composition analysis.
Environmental Protection Agency 1994) using single ion monitoring mode on an Agilent 6809N gas chromatograph (Agilent Technologies) coupled with a Micromass Ultima Autospec Ultra high-resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS; Waters Corp., Milford, MA, USA).
The PEM[R] AUTOSPEC[TM] Fastening Solutions brochure focuses exclusively on automotive assembly challenges and on PEM AUTOSPEC capabilities designed to meet even the most demanding industry applications.
The final measurements were performed on a Micromass Autospec Ultima (Waters) high-resolution gas chromatograph/high-resolution mass spectrometer.
Measurements were performed using high-resolution gas chromatography (HRGC)/high-resolution mass spectrometry (HP 5890 coupled with VG Autospec [Micromass Co.