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AUTOVONAutomatic Voice Network (now DSN)
AUTOVONAutomatic Voice Network
AUTOVONAutomated Voice Network
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"Our operators are required to make a toll ticket, a paper copy we use as audit trail to justify AUTOVON calls," says Bell.
The Robbins computer was diagnosing the operation of the base's AUTOVON and PUBLIX telephone switching systems and contained a highly sophisticated AT&T proprietary source code.
Mallette, who was responsible for the first fielding of MSE equipment, received a call at his AUTOVON number at the Pentagon from a National Guard unit in the field at Fort Hood, TX.
Eight New ESS Units Added to Autovon Eight new electronic switching systems were added to the world's largest private telephone network which provides rapid communications among 1,700 military bases and government installations.--January