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AUTOXAuto-Cross (racing)
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Autox is a Korean company established in 1983, Autox is specialized in rubber spare parts especially for construction equipment.
The ProTune accessory is available for delivery 90 days after receipt of order by Varian, and the AutoX Probes also are available 90 days after receipt of order.
Lidar equipment can cost as much as $500,000 per car, but AutoX gets that down to $80,000, Li says.
AutoX, a startup with nearly 100 employees, has partnered with GrubMarket, a 3-year-old company that uses humans to deliver groceries, normally for a fee of $6 for orders below $40.
AutoX hasn't revealed details of its software, but Xiao is an expert at using deep learning, an AI technique that lets machines teach themselves to perform difficult tasks such as recognizing pedestrians from different angles and in different lighting.
Chevrolet, a subsidiary of General Motor Corporation (NYSE: GM), has launched a new concept version of its sixth-generation Camaro, called the Turbo AutoX, at the 2016 SEMA, Leftlane News has reported.