AUVSAssociation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
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Under the plan, RTU, located in Mandaluyong City, will design and build an AUV that can conduct ocean surveys on the Philippine Rise and in Pasig River.
Once under the ice, the AUV fired pulses of sound upwards.
SALES of local car manufacturers in a 10-month period fell 13.3 percent largely due to double-digit declines in the passenger car, Asian utility vehicle (AUV) and light truck segments.
The contract will advance Kawasaki's commitment to further strengthening its partnership with the Scottish Government and The Underwater Centre, to drive the development of technologies forward for AUVs and other underwater vehicles.
He believes the Cambridge team's ship is not powerful enough to penetrate the ice that claimed Endurance, doubting it can get close enough to the wreck to use the AUVs, which have limited battery power.
Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Director-General and Head of MH370 Response Team Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the vessel had commenced search operations with the first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) launched at 0055hrs local time (0255hrs Malaysia time) on Jan 22 and subsequently the remaining AUVs.
Texas-based Ocean Infinity - which has  signed a "no cure, no fee" deal with the Malaysian government to find the jetliner -  will for the first time use a swarm of eight drone-like autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to scour a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean, where the ill-fated plane is believed to have gone down.
Also, it is a very challenging task in the field of multiple AUVs. Lots of work has been done to deal with the target search problem.
These controller structures [24] are not effective in case of flocking of AUVs as these algorithms are not robust enough to uncertainties and nonlinearities present in the dynamics of the AUVs.