AUVSAssociation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
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The AUVS competitions assume that the team has been working on the entry for years; indeed, the latest aerial vehicle competition is so complex, it expects a three-year commitment.
For example, the rules of the AUVS Ground Robotics Competition were originally written with a golf cart in mind as the typical vehicle.
In 1997, a group of advanced students were given the choice of working on three different competitions: (1) AUVS Ground Robotics held outside Detroit, Michigan, offering a $5,000 purse; (2) AAAI in Rhode Island, which was considered the most desirable competition because CSM had a positive history of participation; (3) and a new competition, RoboCup, held in Japan.
The AAAI Mobile Robot Competition and Exhibition and RoboCup World Cup were matched with the Introduction to Robotics course and the AUVS Ground Robotics Competition to the Advanced Robotics course.