AUVSIAssociation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
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A3 and AUVSI last week held a workshop at the Airbus Experience Center in Washington, DC, that included key participants from the Federal Aviation Administration, industry groups, and aviation companies, in order to focus on developing solutions in two key regulatory areas, certification and air traffic management.
Northrop Grumman is a top "diamond" level member of AUVSI along with General Atomics (Predator and Reaper drones), Lockheed Martin, Boeing and others who have spent millions lobbying.
At AUVSI, L3 Cincinnati Electronics unveiled its new NightWarrior liCam 640 Medium-wave system, one of the smallest cooled thermal imagers, according to the company.
That's something that the helicopters in the AUVSI challenges don't have: They have to build a map as they go.
With the AUVSI competition having demonstrated the SamarEye monocopter's navigational skills, DFMA should help the craft's designers begin navigating commercial markets as well.
This continued emergence of different classes of unmanned vehicles (UVs) was evident at the AUVSI conference in Baltimore, MD on June 28-30, where displays included vehicles for ground operations such as surveillance and bomb detection, maritime vehicles designed to fly over and operate below the water; and aerial vehicles ranging in size from hand-held to weighing thousands of pounds.
Cobham SATCOM is attending AUVSI XPONENTIAL from May 8 to 11 where visitors are invited to visit Stand 1631 to discuss the AVIATOR UAV 200 capabilities.
Exhibitors and sponsors included a cross section of the entire commercial drone industry including AeroVironment, PrecisionHawk, Yuneec, Intel, SenseFly, Insitu, Parrot, NovaTel, 3D Robotics, eHang, Autel, AUVSI, Hubsan, C-Astral, Brother, Airbus, SlantRange, Kodak, Flir, Parrot, AEGis Technologies, Sentera, and pavilions from Iowa, North Dakota and Nevada.
AUVSI analyzed the first 3,136 exemptions approved by the FAA.
The "Know Before You Fly" campaign was launched in late November and has since been making strides in putting the word out about safe UAV operation, said AUVSI president and CEO Brian Wynne.
AUVSI predicts drones will add 100,000 jobs to the U.
Introduced at AUVSI 2013, the interface between the system and the car mimics a man ("uomo" in Italian), a metallic structure being installed on the seat with pedal actuators and a steering unit.