AUWAAudubon's Warbler (Dendroica coronata , bird species)
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Excavations at Auwa hamlet (site code FGT) produced particularly large quantities that are thought to come from a nearby sinkhole, though this has not been investigated because its entrance was used as a latrine and rubbish dump at the time of fieldwork.
It is also possible that people living on the coast, where the W-K2 event had very little impact, made special forays into the limestone country to obtain chert, and this may explain the presence of plain pottery of coastal origin at Auwa (Specht et al.
The new data confirm Pavlides' suggestion (2004: 98) that primary chert sources occur across a large part of the Passismanua region: the straight-line distance from Auwa and Helena cave to Ale cave is about 22-24 kin.
No chert pieces of this colour have been recorded among the thousands of pieces excavated to date, but a reddish-brown chert occurs in the Chowning-Goodale collection (Goodale 1966: 28) and in surface collections between Auwa and Akiuli (Fig.
In 1979 I recorded at least four stream bed sources within one hour's walk from Auwa, in addition to probable sinkhole sources at Auwa and Sisisel (Pavlides 1999: 213).
A transect survey from Auwa to Kandrian in 1979 revealed a marked decline in the frequency of chert artefacts on landforms of the Johanna Beds (Ryburn 1975, 1976), which lie between the Yalam Limestone and the coastal Pleistocene raised coral reef limestone (Fig.
This is not simply the result of different excavation areas, as Auwa with 3 m2 has more than 150 times the amount of rubble found in 5 m2 at Yombon Airstrip (comparison is based on excavated area since available data do not permit calculation of density).