AUWIAmericans United with Israel (Atlanta, GA)
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En Nouvelle-Guinee, chez les Duna, l'association entre des pierres nommees auwi, la fertilite et la guerison reposeraient sur un << overall model of transformation between elements of the cosmos, to the effect that the life-giving element of water may be transformed into fat or juice, and this in turn into stone >> (Stewart et Strathern 2001 : 84).
This is evident in the Porini origin story, as told by Paliawi to Modjeska (NB11A:37-42), where Awakolari's mother's brother invites Uku, an unrelated man, to join with him in performing the ritual associated with his ancestral auwi (cult stone).
At this time you should rub the auwi as I have done.
Indeed according to Pururu (Modjeska NB22:94-95), the men of Ndolowaiya clan at Hagini assisted with the auwi rituals of the unrelated Wangia clan, which they reckoned to be brothers by virtue of residence.