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AVADIArmoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India
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The batch of 10 tanks, each costing around Rs 14- 15 crore, rolled out of the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Avadi and were inducted into the army by minister of state for defence M.
The Avadi factory plans to produce 100 such main battle tanks per year with Russian technological assistance.
Address : Garrison Engineer Avadi, Thangiah Gate, Avadi, Chennai 54
0 release of its popular next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis and visualization platform, Avadis NGS, under a new name: Strand NGS .
This release combines enhancements to Avadis NGS with unique features from the GeneSpring NGS module, through the addition of a Methyl-Seq workflow, direct access to BioCyc and WikiPathways, better support for target enrichment experiments and Multi-Omic Pathway Analysis.
With this release, existing Avadis NGS customers and new Strand NGS customers will now benefit from the additional Methyl-Seq workflow and pathway analysis enhancements.
Strand) today announced the worldwide release of Avadis NGS, a software application for next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis.
Starting this week, a 20-day trial of Avadis NGS is available for biologists and NGS researchers at http://avadis-ngs.
We are very excited about integrating Strand's avadis platform into our software solutions product line," said Joseph Sorge, MD, President and CEO of Stratagene.
The ArrayAssist(R) Expression and ArrayAssist Exon Software are powered by the award-winning avadis technology.
Strand has leveraged its core strengths in data mining and analysis, knowledge management and workflow processes to develop its products avadis for data analysis and visualization and admetis for in silico ADMET prediction and predictive model building.
the market leader in embedded software development tools and royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), announced today the election of Avadis "Avie" Tevanian Jr.