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AVADIArmoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India
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Daniel said "in Avadi, IVI will further screen 846 children from the Government Higher Secondary School, Satyamurthy Nagar.
The batch of 10 tanks, each costing around Rs 14- 15 crore, rolled out of the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Avadi and were inducted into the army by minister of state for defence M.
Address : Garrison Engineer Avadi, Thangiah Gate, Avadi, Chennai 54
0 of Avadis NGS, its next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis and visualisation platform, and had also renamed the platform to Strand NGS.
Starting this week, a 20-day trial of Avadis NGS is available for biologists and NGS researchers at http://avadis-ngs.
Strand has leveraged its core strengths in data mining and analysis, knowledge management and workflow processes to develop its products avadis for data analysis and visualization and admetis for in silico ADMET prediction and predictive model building.