AVAFAssume Vivid Astro Focus (artist and artists' group)
AVAFAbsolutely Venomous Accurately Fallacious
AVAFAmerican Veterans Aid Fund (Central Valley, NY)
AVAFAbsa Vehicle and Asset Finance (South Africa)
AVAFAndreas Vollenweider and Friends (band)
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Avaf have created "a site-specific graphic installation that will feature geometric shapes and abstracted female imagery".
Following the tropically exuberant and colorful environmental installations created by avaf over the past decade, this limited color scheme was the most obvious indicator of a change in direction for the group.
Forthcoming attractions include Da Lata, an award-winning band from Brazil, international art duo Avaf, Spanish band Jaleo Flamenco and an exclusive UK appearance by the Mexican DJ, Toy Selectah.
Avaf's methodology revolves around deconstructing a certain ravey psychedelic milieu and then recombining its stylistic and temperamental elements in an attempt to make art that resembles a party, and vice versa.
While the specifics change from show to show, avaf's preference for quantity over quality is by now predictable, as are the questions their approach raises for skeptics: Do their riotous bursts of undifferentiated multimedia material signify a surplus, or disguise a paucity, of ideas?
The fact that I use pop imagery doesn't mean that avaf's work is Pop art.
An homage to avaf compeers and fellow Biennial artists Los Super Elegantes, this mod, mad, room-size installation serves as both collagist tribute and literal performance set for the fabulous, forever-up-and-coming, Hollywood-via-south-of-the-border, global-popist, self-promotional machine.
An overripe blend of psychedelia and glam, pop kitsch and kitsch pop, AVAF's attempt at sensory overload is fun for the first five minutes and a drag thereafter.
In line with the gallery's penchant for customizing its Grand Street storefront (Richard Woods's mock-Tudor cladding is the most successful intervention so far), AVAF introduced themselves with a multicolored neon CONTAGIOUS mounted on an awkward plume of black and red flame.