AVAFAssume Vivid Astro Focus (artist and artists' group)
AVAFAbsolutely Venomous Accurately Fallacious
AVAFAmerican Veterans Aid Fund (Central Valley, NY)
AVAFAbsa Vehicle and Asset Finance (South Africa)
AVAFAndreas Vollenweider and Friends (band)
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In line with the gallery's penchant for customizing its Grand Street storefront (Richard Woods's mock-Tudor cladding is the most successful intervention so far), AVAF introduced themselves with a multicolored neon CONTAGIOUS mounted on an awkward plume of black and red flame.
Walking on Thin Ice," AVAF and Honeygun Labs' take on a 1981 song of the same name by Yoko Ono, demonstrates genuine pop instinct, but the accompanying images lag some way behind.
Last December, AVAF wallpapered John Connelly's gallery for K48's group show "Teenage Bedroom," and in the context of a pseudodomestic setting filled with other people's creations and cast-offs, their wraparound exuberance was somehow easier to absorb.