AVAIAAssociation des Véhicules Anciens Industriels et Agricoles (French: Vintage Industrial and Agricultural Vehicles Association)
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When they are found, however, they are closely associated with meae and mahia avaia sites, as well as some tohua koina, but apparently not general habitation residential areas (e.g.
Mahia avaia. Southern Marquesan term for a fishermen's shrine.
Religious Residential Meae Mahia Paepae avaia hiamoe Cultural traits Stone tiki (full figure or head only) 0 N N Stone uprights (vesicular basalt) R R/0 N Stone uprights (columnar basalt) R R/0 N Backrest stones R N N Quarried slabs of volcanic tuff O/F 0 O/F (ke'etu) Tiki image carved in bas-relief on R N R ke'etu Veranda pit (pakeho) 0 N?