AVAMAmerican Visionary Art Museum
AVAMAssociation Voitures Anciennes Marommaise (French: Marommaise Classic Car Association; Maromme, France)
AVAMAmateurs de Véhicules Anciens du Morbihan (French: Morbihan Fans of Vintage Vehicles; Morbihan, France)
AVAMAustralian Visas and Migration (Department of Immigration and Citizenship; Australia)
AVAMAmis de la Voiture Ancienne de Metz (French vintage automobile club)
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There are evidences against him about supporting AVAM, an organisation working against AAP," the show- cause notice pointed out, according to the source.
The Art of War and Peace" will run at AVAM (410-244-1900; www.
Although not actually heart-shaped, the three-story AVAM Could be said to pull the corpuscular viewer through walkway vessels into curved-wall chambers.
AVAM had also alleged that the Arvind Kejriwalled Alleges AAP received donations from abroad
AVAM had presented four cheques issued to Indian nationals living in Canada by foreign firms and nationals.
But AVAM maintained on Thursday that they have not received any legal notice from the couple.
AAP's defence is that they got the money through cheques but anyone can go to these companies, give them cash and get a cheque of the same amount in return," said Gopal Goel of AVAM, adding that AAP has routed black money into its accounts by using these means.
However, when asked to clarify how AVAM managed to get cheques from the companies they claim do not exist on the given addresses, the AAP faction refused to comment.
AVAM, which is said to be a breakaway of AAP, has accused the Kejriwal- led party of receiving ` 2 crore last year through four dubious companies.
Obviously the claims made by AVAM are not proven, but since they come just ahead of the Delhi polls, the BJP has pounced on this opportunity to attack AAP.
We organised AVAM and held a referendum on whether volunteers should have voting rights within the party.