AVANAsian Volunteer Action Network
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Avans is a family-owned, precision machine shop with 35 employees that specializes in CNC turning, four-axis milling, and 3D machining of parts and components for the aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, and textile industries.
As a precision machine shop, meeting our customers' needs is simple: be professional, be fast, be accurate, and be competitive," Lawrence Ariel, Avans quality manager, said.
After making some initial inquiries with CMM manufacturers, Keith Mills, president of Xspect Solutions, Wixom, MI, the North American representatives for Wenzel, GmbH, Germany, put Avans in contact with a number of nearby Alabama companies with Wenzel machines.
Avans manufactures a range of aircraft and aerospace parts where CAD modeling capability is needed; with this feature, the operator just loads IGES files and checks them to the part.
Being able to talk to current Wenzel customers sold Avans on the benefits and features of the equipment and the software.
to provide a new financial management system (NFMS) and the required licenses for the Avans organization;2.
The purpose of this tender is to reach a framework agreement with several contractors for the provision of services for support services at Avans University.