AVBSAustralasian Vehicle Buying Services (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
AVBSAustralian Vascular Biology Society (Australia and New Zealand)
AVBSAdvanced Video-Based Surveillance
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Twelve cases (63.2%) showed conduction blocks, including right bundle branch block (RBBB) in three cases, complete atrioventricular block (AVB) in three cases, complete AVB with RBBB in three cases, left anterior fascicular block (LAFB) in one case, RBBB with LAFB in one case, and Mobitz type II 2[sup]nd degree AVB with RBBB in one case.
We follow the CE methodology in estimating a likelihood of receipt for each income source for AVBs. (14) The dependent variable equals 1 if the consumer unit received income from a given source and 0 otherwise.
(29) AVBs are excluded from this exercise because they have no income to be imputed.
High-[O.sub.3] exposure caused a significant increase in the number of APBs (2,200%; p < 0.05), SABs (32,600%; p < 0.05), and Mobitz type 1 second-degree AVBs (1,300%; p < 0.05) during exposure relative to preexposure baseline values (Table 1).
Upon arriving at a forward location, the AVB would beach, lower its ramp, and disgorge two-and-one-half-ton trucks towing the service trailers to the forward base, carrying tent-age and supplies for a cantonment area.