AVCDAudio-Visual Computer Display
AVCDAntelope Valley Computer Doctor (California)
AVCDAutoimmune Vestibulo-Cochlear Disorders (rheumatology)
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The purpose of the current translational studies was to systematically compare the efficacy and efficiency of instruction with programmed errors of omission or commission of reinforcement on acquisition of an AVCD task with two typically developing children.
We evaluated the effect of programmed errors on the acquisition of AVCD using an adapted alternating treatments design (Sindelar, Rosenberg, & Wilson, 1985) within a concurrent multiple baseline design across participants.
The purpose of this experiment was to compare the effects of programmed integrity errors during AVCD training on skill acquisition for two typically developing individuals.
Adjusted 8-year change (95% CI) in QTc interval, QRSc duration, and JTc interval (a) from baseline to follow-up ECG examination, by lead biomarker concentration at baseline, among participants who were free of IVCD, AVCD, and arrhythmia at baseline ECG.
QT JT Prolongation Prolongation IVCD (d) AVCD (e) (b) (c) Lead OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI) OR (95% CI) biomarker level Tibia lead tertile ([mu]g/g) Case/control 67/387 32/425 33/458 25/466 < 16 Reference Reference Reference Reference 16.
It is unclear why there was an inverse association between bone lead and AVCD.
Networked versions of VIEWGate with AVCD for use with Datapoint's SuperHub are available for delivery later this month with prices starting at $8,995.