AVCFArkansas Valley Correctional Facility (Colorado Department of Corrections)
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The project would also determine specific capacity building requirements of an RFI engaged in AVCF and develop relevant tools that they could use to engage in AVCF, the ACPC added.
'ASCeND is envisioned to be a learning platform for banks and nonbank RFIs that plan to engage in AVCF, as well as for ACPC and other government agencies involved in developing and supporting agriculture value chains,' it added in a statement on Monday.
To address this, the BSP is promoting the AVCF as an innovative financing approach and provide guidelines and incentives to banks.
Such intervention may include development of an AVCF toolkit for banks and design of a training program for agriculture-focused bankers, documents from the BSP revealed.
BSP aims to promote agri-financing through three key areas: (1) enabling innovative financing models such as Agri-Value Chain Financing (AVCF), (2) fostering cost efficiency of the design and delivery of financing through digitization, and (3) strengthening the agrifinancing infrastructure.
Accordingly, the objective of this ToR is to select an AVCF Expert