AVCNAntero-Ventral Cochlear Nucleus
AVCNAmical Vélo Club Nîmois (French: Nîmes Friendly Cycling Club; Nîmes, France)
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David Gregory, Vice President of Intertek s Government and Trade Services said: We are delighted to be working with AVCN in supporting them with the implementation of this highly crucial programme and participate in improving consumer safety in Niger.
EE cells receive excitatory inputs from both (right and left) anteroventral cochlear nuclei (AVCN) and they fire when both inputs are received within a time interval of less than 50 [micro]sec [36, 39-41].
In Canada, biopharmaceutical cannabinoid research company and cannabis producer Avicanna Inc (TSX: AVCN) obtained a first-of-its-kind license to perform research and intellectual property development on cannabinoids at its facility in the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, known as the "Silicon Valley for life sciences."
Cannabis researcher and cultivator Avicanna Inc (TSE: AVCN) announced a joint venture Thursday with the Canadian full-service testing and research laboratory Sigma Analytical Services Inc.