AVCSActive Valve Control System
AVCSAngular Velocity Control System (Futaba)
AVCSAdvanced Vehicle Control System
AVCSAdvanced Vidicon Camera System
AVCSAutomatic Vehicle Control Systems
AVCSActive Vibration Control System
AVCSAttitude and Velocity Control Subsystem
AVCSAir Vehicle Control System
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Cidara's Cloudbreak AVCs are potent, small-molecule antivirals conjugated to the Fc domain of a human antibody (IgG1).
With this novel approach, Cidara believes its AVCs have the potential to protect for an entire flu season with a single dose, with or without concurrent vaccination, and to provide a highly potent treatment for seasonal and pandemic influenza.
The 33 AVCs are in the following areas: five in Region III (Bulacan), 18 in Region IV-B (seven in Occidental Mindoro, eight in Oriental Mindoro, and three in Palawan), and 10 in Region XII (South Cotabato).
However, if you have a Defined Benefit scheme, final salary, this is a little different as your AVCs go to purchasing extra pensionable time, and income is final-salary based.
The FTC has embraced a process-based approach to data security, which entails assessing steps taken by entities to achieve "reasonable security." (225) Multistate AVCs and settlement agreements have emulated the FTC's approach.
The Comelec is making sure the Mangyan will be able to vote through the new Accessible Voting Centers (AVCs) that will be set up near their communities and the Separate Polling Places (SPPs), which are special areas assigned to them, inside regular precincts.
The 40,000 dwt Bow Sky is the first ship to adopt NAVTOR's AVCS service, with a further roll out planned throughout the first half of 2015.
(12) AVCs dessa localizacao podem ter a mais variada manifestacao clinica, inclusive simulando uma sindrome vestibular periferica na abertura do quadro.
Powys Pension Fund has about 7,000 members, and only a small percentage of employees are paying AVCs, which offer pension scheme members a way to increase their pension savings.
The AX Series also has a comprehensive Layer 4-7 feature set and flexible virtualisation technologies such as Virtual Chassis System (aVCS), multi-tenancy.
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