AVDCAmerican Veterinary Dental College
AVDCAnti-Vibration Double Countershaft (motor part)
AVDCAlternate Voice Data CODEC
AVDCAnti-Valentines Day Coalition
AVDCAcute Vascular Disorders of the Cerebellum (neurology)
AVDCAylesbury Vale District Council (UK)
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Grant Thornton acted as financial, accounting and tax advisers to AVDC, working with property and legal advisers to ensure that the final structure secured the council the best consideration for its disposal to the Joint Venture Vehicle (JVV) in the context of a depressed property and banking market.
Established by Atlas Venture in 2010, AVDC is partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies using a highly flexible model to establish a portfolio of clinical assets.
According to contest officials, the integration of Alcoa's patented AVDC casting process, dimensionally-stable, high strength/high ductility casting alloys, and large die/part size capability has expanded the lightweight options for door inner panels.
As The Grocer went to press, AVDC had received 24 letters concerning the dairy application and a lesser amount in relation to the other applications.
According to a press release issued by the company, Alcoa's AVDC process provides the ability to cast-in reinforcing ribs where enhanced strength is required and to include specific details to help consolidate parts and assemblies.
AVDC is our second win in the last three years and this is a big deal.
In addition, AVDC is the licensee from the Monarch Beverage Company for the country of Vietnam.
Alcoa's AVDC process provides structural engineers with the ability to "build in" critical reinforcing ribs where enhanced strength is required and to "design in" very specific details to help consolidate parts and streamline assembly.
Alcoa's new C-446, in combination with the unique advantages of the AVDC process, enabled us to meet their needs.
Here again, Alcoa's engineers combined specific AVDC process advantages with another new, proprietary alloy, C-611, to meet Nissan's specifications.
Alcoa Advanced Transportation Systems produces 11 AVDC castings for the XJ.
The XJ's seven AVDC components, which accept and distribute incoming stress throughout the body structure, include the central drive shaft support, two pedestal brackets, two rear shock towers and two front shock towers.