AVDLRAviation Depot Level Repairable
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The Aviation Supply Division also completed their annual CNAF AVDLR Reconciliation with zero discrepancies, a first for a FDNF carrier.
On the flip side, the same tool is used to review existing allowances for decrementing or deleting (the inventory reduction initiative mentioned above), and we have already garnered approval for over 300 line items that are in the process of leaving our inventory, and we have now identified more than 780 other potential AVDLR candidates.
The surge deployment of 2002 is most likely an anomaly, but taking 2001 as the "baseline," viewing post-RIFLe 2003 and 2004 to date data, daily AVDLR costs have dropped $22,000 and $73,000 a day respectively, breaking a pre-2001 trend that was increasing.