AVDOAerospace Vehicle Distribution Office
AVDOAerospace Visual Distribution Office
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Fourthly, Lord has also modified his early view that a text transitional between full oral composition and literary composition is impossible.(14) In one sense, even a composition of proven oral origin like Avdo Mededovic's huge poem The Wedding of Smailagic Meho could be called a transitional text, because it was inspired by a written text.(15) Avdo, completely illiterate, had heard a version of this song, about 2,000 lines long, read to him from a published collection of songs; it had been taken down by dictation and published in 1886.
Attempts to remove the contradiction by deleting line 104(46) are unconvincing, as they do not explain how it arose; this is a case where the poet anticipates himself-- the fault most often found in the songs of Avdo Mededovic, as Lord noted.(47) In admitting this contradiction, neither Homer nor his putative editor makes any use of the technology of writing to correct it.
The dictation by Avdo Mededovic of The Wedding of Smailagic Meho took two entire weeks.(68) In eighth-century Ionia, the number of leather rolls needed for a similar task must have represented a considerable expense.
Lord, Zenidba hadji-Smailagina Sina, Kazivaoje Avdo Mededovic (Cambridge, MA, 1974); A.
Secretary-General of the BH Journalists Association Borka Rudic sent a request to Boris Grubesic, a spokesperson for the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, requesting the provision of official information from the Prosecutor's Office of BiH on the case of summoning to a hearing a journalist of the investigative journalism portal 'Zurnal', Avdo Avdic as a witness.
Journalist Avdo Avdic is the author of the article entitled "Consul Ivan Bandic coordinates the operation: Croatian intelligence officers recruited members of the Salafi movement to transfer weapons into masjids in BiH," and after the publication of the article, allegedly a case has been opened in the Prosecutor's Office of BiH in connection to this intelligence affair,' explained Rudic in her request.
In this context, we are expressing public protest because of the interrogation of journalist Avdo Avdic in the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, with the remark that it is unacceptable to shift the focus of the investigation from the potential crime "the Republic of Croatia's intelligence agencies infiltrating into Bosnia and Herzegovina and recruiting BiH citizens for their intelligence work for the needs of the Republic of Croatia" to apprehending and interrogation of journalists and the search for information about their sources, it is highlighted in the request of the BH Journalists Association.
Representatives of the Embassy of Qatar to BiH played a friendly match with pupils of "Avdo Smajlovic' elementary school from Sarajevo.
Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Bosnia and Herzegovina Chen Bo visited today "Avdo Smailovic" Elementary School in the Sarajevo settlement of Buca Potok, where the China Day event was held.
Bo today received the award for supporting the work and development of the elementary school "Avdo Smailovic", which was presented to her by the school principal Hasim BaA3/4dar.
Since 2014, GRAS has donated a total of 60 buses to GRAS, said acting manager of GRAS, Avdo VatriA.