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AVENUEATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS (European Air Traffic Management System)
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And then Turan came to a point where the avenue turned to the right, to skirt a building that jutted from the inside of the city wall, and as he rounded the corner he came full upon two warriors standing upon either side of the entrance to a building upon his right.
Once, ten minutes later, he caught a glimpse of Tudor, a hundred yards away, crossing the same avenue as himself but going in the opposite direction.
It's the first place after you leave the park, and must have grown while Spofford Avenue was still a country road.
Within the dense shadows of the skeel grove, in a wide avenue beneath o'erspreading foliage, a flier hung a dozen feet above the ground.
In the carriage, on the way down Fifth Avenue, they talked pointedly of Mrs.
Granet walked slowly up the avenue, his hands behind him, a frown upon his forehead.
I did not saddle or mount the animals there, but instead walked quietly in the shadows of the buildings toward an unfrequented avenue which led toward the point I had arranged to meet Dejah Thoris and Sola.
He smiled as he answered, "I am afraid the avenue stands a bad chance, Fanny."
To reach this building, which I now felt it imperative that I do, I must needs traverse the entire length of one square and cross a broad avenue and a portion of the plaza.
Up the avenue there plodded slowly a man with sullen eyes.
The procession moved along the main avenue some three-quarters of a mile, and then groups and couples began to slip aside into branch avenues, fly along the dismal corridors, and take each other by surprise at points where the corridors joined again.
Run on, dear; you know the way to where the avenue joins the highroad.