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AVENUEATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS (European Air Traffic Management System)
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She felt all the honest pride and complacency which her alliance with the present and future proprietor could fairly warrant, as she viewed the respectable size and style of the building, its suitable, becoming, characteristic situation, low and sheltered its ample gardens stretching down to meadows washed by a stream, of which the Abbey, with all the old neglect of prospect, had scarcely a sightand its abundance of timber in rows and avenues, which neither fashion nor extravagance had rooted up.
We were ascending the avenue when he thus paused; the hall was before us.
I did not saddle or mount the animals there, but instead walked quietly in the shadows of the buildings toward an unfrequented avenue which led toward the point I had arranged to meet Dejah Thoris and Sola.
He smiled as he answered, "I am afraid the avenue stands a bad chance, Fanny.
The Avenue was so dark that it was barely possible to distinguish one's hand before one's face, while the distance to the hotel was half a verst or so; but I feared neither pickpockets nor highwaymen.
One is in the Avenue de Messine; they have learned that Madame de Cintre is there.
She was leaning over the paling of split oak branches which formed the paling of the avenue.
The house in itself was already an historic document, though not, of course, as venerable as certain other old family houses in University Place and lower Fifth Avenue.
We had passed within its streets and were walking toward the central portion, when at an intersecting avenue we saw a body of green warriors approaching.
Groping with my hands along the face of the rocks to which the craft was moored, I discovered a narrow ledge which I knew must be the avenue taken by those who had come before me.
We walked together down the Avenue de Clichy, but Strickland was not in the cafe.
Suddenly several men came running up the avenue with frightened faces.