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AVERROESAnalysis and Verification for the Reliability of Embedded Systems (French industrial project)
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Azoulay a releve que cette distinction est pleine de sens au vu de la carriere, de l'oeuvre et de l'humanisme des deux personnalites distinguees par le Prix Averroes, qui est aussi un hommage a ce pionnier de la pensee arabo-islamique qui a su conjuguer la foi et la raison.
Among them is the removal of the lunette decoration of Saint Thomas Aquinas with Arius, Averroes, and Sabellius.
In the AVERROES trial, subjects were randomly assigned to receive 5mg Apixaban BID or a lower dose 2.5 mg BID if the patient had age (greater then) 80 years, weight (less then) 60 kg or serum creatinine (greater then) 1.5 mg/dL.
Moreover, this substantial benefit was achieved without an increase in major bleeding in the apixaban arm of the 5,600-patient AVERROES (Apixaban Vs.
The Averroes study was conducted by the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences, based in Hamilton, Ontario.
However, Moratinos's defense of Averroes, as well as his spiritual relationship to the path of the thought shaped by Al-Jabri, comes at a time at which fears prevail regarding excessive aspects of misunderstanding between Morocco and Spain.
CHEPSTOW: 2.05 Green Community, 2.40 Averroes, 3.15 Time For Old Time, 3.50 Boldinor, 4.25 Cheap Street, 5.00 Spring Secret, 5.35 Weet A Surprise.
El primer grupo podria denominarse "averroista", aun cuando debo senalar que no hay en ellos una continuidad doctrinal sin fisuras respecto de Averroes. Pero deseo advertir tambien que los llamo "averroistas" porque si bien es cierto que no hay una fidelidad literal a las doctrinas de Averroes, puede apreciarse sin embargo cierta unidad de inspiracion que intentare describir.
De outra perspectiva, e como Averroes, de "La busca de Averroes".
This makes him a contemporary of the more famous Andalusian philosopher Averroes ibn Rushd, who was born in Cordova in 1126.
A number of them have expressed their doubts about the initiative on the occasion of the 14th Averroes Meetings, a festival on the Mediterranean which ends on 1 December in Marseille.