AVETAdvanced Vocational Education and Training (Sweden)
AVETAircrew Virtual Environment Trainer (US DoD)
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However, since the purpose of developing kinematic models at Ford is to reduce the number of assumptions, AVET engineers wanted the ability to include actual compliance values in their models.
BSC delivered a prototype AVET to the Fleet Replacement Squadron 2 (FRS 2) at NAS Norfolk in September 2008 for a 90-day evaluation.
The fully functional AVET is scheduled to be delivered to Naval Air Station North Island in September 2009, and will be the first of several projected units to support U.
Each of Baker's ocean vessels is equipped with top of the line Avets fishing reels and salmon trolling gear.
Pleasant Animal Hospital and then taken by ambulance to AVETS in Monroeville, where she died.
com)-- Avets (Allegheny Veterinary Emergency Trauma, and Specialty), a 24-hour referral veterinary hospital in Monroeville, PA, has earned a Level I veterinary emergency and critical care facility certification from the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS).
Caroline AVETS don't recommend guinea pig muesli as it can contribute to two key health problems - painful dental disease and obesity.
Avets have six and no bushings, which eliminates binding caused by side loads.