AVETeCAdvanced Virtual Engine Test Cell
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AVEtec projects that the cost of the energy it generates could be as low as 3 cents per kilowatt hour, making it one of the least expensive forms of energy production.
The research team's use of the Obsidian Longbow as the anchor technology proved to be a wise choice," said Al Stutz, Avetec CIO and co-leader of the DICE program.
Collaborators in SCinet for 2010 include: Air Force Research Laboratory, Alcatel-Lucent, Argonne National Lab, Arista Networks, Army Research Laboratory, Austin Convention Center, Avetec, Bay Microsystems, Bivio Networks, Brocade, CA Labs, CENIC, Ciena Research, Cisco, Clemson University, Colorado Technical University, CSC, Darkstrand, ESnet, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Florida LambdaRail, Force10 Networks, Freeman, GaN Corporation, GRNOC @ Indiana University, HEAnet, IDA CCR, Indiana University, Infinera, InMon Corp.
Remote compute and storage resources at Avetec and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be accessed from Ohio State University via Longbow XR devices across 10Gigabit Ethernet links.
Working together with industry, the Air Force, NASA, and academia, AVETeC is developing a world-class modeling and simulation capability to allow engineers to design, test and modify engines in a virtual setting, perfecting designs to the greatest extent possible before producing an actual prototype, resulting in a faster time-to-solution for drastically reduced cost.