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AVFAudio Visual Furniture (est. 1996)
AVFArteriovenous Fistula
AVFAccueil des Villes Françaises (French: French Cities Welcome)
AVFActive Virtual Forwarder (computing)
AVFActive Virtual Forwarders
AVFAdaptive Vertex Fitter
AVFArchitectural Vulnerability Factor
AVFAfrrikaner Volksfront (Afrikaner People's Front)
AVFAlgie Vasculaire de la Face (French: Cluster Headache)
AVFAll Volunteer Force
AVFAmerican Vineyard Foundation
AVFAssociation Végétarienne de France (French: Vegetarian Association of France)
AVFAzimuthally Varying Field
AVFAda Validation Facility
AVFAmerica's Funniest Videos (TV show)
AVFAugmented Voltage Foot (EKG lead)
AVFAverage Value Factor (USACE)
AVFAuxiliary Vector Filtering
AVFAortic Valve Flow
AVFActive Value Fund
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An arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is a connection created surgically (also called as a native fistula) between an artery and a vein so as to expand the bore of the vein.
Behaviors during periods of non-dialysis that created the greatest concern were those that could potentially compress the AVF (e.g., wearing a wristwatch, wearing clothes that are constrictive around the wrist or arm, carrying a bag, or holding a dog or baby with the involved arm).
All the patients underwent surgery for Brachiobasilic AVF, in which a 3-cm horizontal incision was made in antecubital fossa to expose the brachial artery and basilic vein to make an end to side Brachiobasilic AVF under local anesthesia.
The researchers found that at each ultrasound measurement time, AVF blood flow, diameter, and depth significantly predicted both unassisted and overall clinical maturation.
Members of today's AVF are unknown to the vast majority of Americans.
All patients were chosen from the department of Nephrology and AVF was implemented in the department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Erciyes University.
A total of 118 arteriovenous fistulae (AVF) were made during the study period, all by experienced surgeons in the vascular unit of the department.
PTA is the gold standard in a stenosis of more than 50% of the lumen of a hemodialysis AVF and AVG or even in occlusion.
incorrectly cited our case report [2] as scientific evidence the literature contains "numerous prior cases of vertebral AVFs report induction by chiropractic manipulation." Our case report made no such connection with spinal manipulation.
After failed attempts at a left lower nondominate arm AVF, a left BCF was placed in 2011.
At the end of the training period a protocol was introduced for staff to use the plastic cannulae on all patients starting haemodialysis with an AVF in the first six treatments (2 weeks).
There is a lack of consensus on what outcomes constitute cannulation success of the arteriovenous fistula (AVF).