AVFAAmbulance Victoria First Aid (Australia)
AVFAabdominal visceral fat area
AVFAAdvanced Voice Function Assessment
AVFAA Vintage from Atlantis (film)
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The cross-sectional AVFA and ASFA were assessed using a CT scanner (Somatom Definition Flash; Siemens, Forchheim, Germany), with a consistent acquisition protocol set at 120 kVp and 150 mA.
The preintervention and postintervention AVFA, ASFA, and combined AVFA and ASFA of all groups, as well as the repeated measures ANOVA results, are also presented in Table 3.
After the 12-week intervention, however, a reduction in the abdominal visceral fat revealed by an alternation in the AVFA from the corresponding baseline value (Figure 2(a)) was discovered in both intervention groups (p < 0.05); no change was noted in the CON group.
Following the 12-week intervention, the participants in the work-equivalent HIIT and MICT exercise groups attained more than 10% reductions in the whole-body and regional (android, gynoid, and trunk) fat mass, as well as in the AVFA and ASFA (Table 3).
Compared with our recent study, which examined participants involved in a shorter, 33 min per session MICT regime and indicated a less total [O.sub.2] cost in a single session (50.7 [+ or -] 4.7 L versus 60.2 [+ or -] 3.4 L) [20], the present study revealed a much greater AVFA reduction (-4.8 [cm.sup.2] versus -9.2 [cm.sup.2]).
In contrast to MICT, the reduction in the AVFA following the prolonged HIIT in the present study did not appear in a greater extent (-9.1 [cm.sup.2]) when comparing to that (-11.8 [cm.sup.2]) resulting from the 12-week brief HIIT adopted in our recent study [20].
Nevertheless, HIIT regimes with similar exercise intensities but different training volumes resulted in a comparable reduction in the AVFA, suggesting that training volume may not be a relevant variable for modifying abdominal visceral fat storage.
Caption: Figure 2: Changes in (a) abdominal visceral fat area (AVFA) and (b) abdominal subcutaneous fat area (ASFA) of participants postintervention in HIIT, MICT, and CON groups.
Table 3: Pre- and postintervention levels and changes in body mass, % body fat, fat mass (FM) of whole-body, and regions of android, gynoid, and trunk, as well as abdominal visceral (AVFA) and subcutaneous (ASFA) fat areas in HIIT, MICT, and CON groups.
Taking the floor at a seminar organised on Tuesday in Tunis at the initiative of the AVFA, in co-operation with the German Co-operation Agency (GIZ) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Zayani pointed out that this re-engineering of the system should be based on the experience of extension workers, the conducted studies and the new approaches tested in Tunisia.
As regards training, the official advocated strong synergies between the various partners operating in the sector (815 teachers and researchers IRESA, 240 AVFA trainers, 392 extension agents CRDA, 113 engineers and technicians, 273 private consultants).