AVFSA Virtual File System
AVFSAnti-Virus File System (security)
AVFSAd Valorem Financial Services (various locations)
AVFSAfrica Village Financial Services (microfinance; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
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For ease of installation and system trouble-shooting, the Series AVFS possesses a red/green LED indication to provide local status if the air flow is above (green) or below (red) the set-point.
Potential AVFS recruits were siphoned away by the rival United Spanish War Veterans, and thousands more candidates were still fighting in the Philippines.
Pensions became a crusade for the AVFS from its inception.
In September 1905, the two AVFS groups merged at the Eastside Theater in Altoona.
In keeping with its military heritage, the AVFS altered the titles of its elected officers to national commander, senior vice commander, junior vice commander, adjutant general, quartermaster general, judge advocate general and inspector general, while keeping chaplain on the roster.