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AVGPArmored Vehicle General Purpose
AVGPAsociación Valenciana de Gestión Pública (Spanish: Valencian Association for Public Management; www.uv.es/avgp)
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Even as late as July 1997, the senior military leadership was being told that "Soldiers have difficulty understanding how AVGP stocks can be so critically low that we must move vehicles across Canada to prepare deploying units for operational missions.
The LAV HI (Light Armoured Vehicle, 3rd Generation) represents the culmination of more than 35 years of innovation that First began when General Dynamics Land Systems--Canada, then Diesel Division General Motors of Canada, started manufacturing AVGPs (Armoured Vehicle General Purpose) for the Canadian Army.
The LAV III has come a long way since AVGPs came on scene in the late 1970s as a reserve equivalent to the regular force's tracked M113s (BAE System's armoured personnel carrier), and just like their predecessors, they've seen a lot of action.