AVGSAntelope Valley Genealogical Society (Lancaster, CA)
AVGSAdvanced Video Guidance Sensor (NASA)
AVGSAutomated Vehicle Guidance System
AVGSAvian Group Supervisor
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Research (systematic approaches in the study of AVGs targeted at explaining, predicting or controlling particular phenomena or variables).
The purpose of these studies was to investigate the effectiveness of AVGs performance for improving gross or fine motor skills.
These studies evaluated the possibility of improvement, to reduce deterioration or to achieve rehabilitation for patients with different diseases or injuries through AVGs.
These studies investigated the increase of health and wellness during the playing of AVGs.
The first aim of this systematic review was to provide a comprehensive synthesis of the current state of knowledge pertaining to the potentials of AVGs for PA promotion.
Furthermore, AVGs are workable and a potentially effective alternative tool to traditional games.
The AVGs are in the process of being completely revised.
Meanwhile, the Department of Defense (DOD), through the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, is using a modified 385-group version of the AVGs. In order to develop weights for the DOD, Medicare data were run through all AVGs, both medical and surgical.
In summary, ambulatory visit groups (AVGs) or ambulatory patient groups (APGs) appear to be a feasible mechanism for use for a prospective payment system.
still lacks the kinds of controls on the cost and appropriateness of procedures that the government and private insurers established for hospitals in the early 1980s." Based on these considerations, AVGs or APGs may well be an ideal mechanism for a case-mix-based prospective payment system for all hospital OPD visits.
The AVG for lens procedures greatly resembles the inpatient DRG for lens procedures.
And although the AVG system, like the DRG system, would apply only to Medicare patients, it's wise to remember that other third-party payers tend to follow the Medicare lead on reimbursement.