AVHAnne Valérie Hash (French fashion designer)
AVHAllamvedelmi Hatosag (Hungarian secret police)
AVHAcademy of Veterinary Homeopathy
AVHAlex Van Halen
AVHAcute Viral Hepatitis
AVHAntelope Valley Hospital (Lancaster, California)
AVHA Virtual Horse (video game)
AVHAuditory Verbal Hallucination
AVHAverage Hardness
AVHAir Vehicle Handler
AVHAircraft Rescue Boat (Auxiliary, Aircraft, Hospital)
AVHAverage Heading
AVHAcacia Veterinary Hospital (Chico, CA)
AVHAssociation Valentin Haüy (French: Valentin Haüy Association: est. 1889)
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Antelope Valley Hospital will become the company's newest Vein-to-Vein(R) client, which will give AVH the ability to share critical information easily and reliably between their donor center and transfusion service.
The acquisition of AVH Dairy Trade BV is a further step in this direction.
The portal is expected to be rolled out by Daventry and District Housing in early 2011 with the same functionality as AVH but with a different look and feel.
Small studies suggest that at least one of the ingredients in Procera AVH (the flower extract vinpocetine) promotes blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the brain.
AVH was diagnosed when patients exhibited overt jaundice and/ or increased alanine aminotransferase levels (at least 3 times above the normal value) documented at least twice at a one-week interval without any history of pre-existing liver disease (10).
Cathy Chidester, director of the county's Emergency Medical Services Agency, said the trauma center at AVH will close a major gap in the county's trauma-care system.
They threw stones at the sparse street lamps in an attempt to deprive the AVH of individual targets, and held their ground until the regular army arrived.
Years of product testing and refinement have enabled Procera AVH to become one of the most highly recommended non-prescription products for brain health and cognitive function," said Scott Eibel, CEO, KeyView Labs Inc.
The hospital has been providing specialized training for its nurses on how babies should sleep, said Bonnie Daniel, vice president of nursing services at AVH.
Medical research is very clear on the benefits of breast-feeding, and considering that we have more than 5,000 babies born at Antelope Valley Hospital every year, we want to be sure that they have the benefit of this knowledge,'' says AVH CEO Les Wong.
Avita Medical trades its ordinary shares on the Australian Stock Exchange under the AVH symbol.