AVHEApplication Virtualization Hosting Environment (US DoD)
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Table 2 lists the most statistical differences observed between 2 wk after surgery and every other time groups for AVHF, HCoM, and VCoM and 4 wk after surgery and every other time groups for AVHE. Based on the results, all velocity measures during STS, except the AVHE, were significantly smaller for 1 and 2 wk after the surgery than 6 wk after the surgery.
An expansion of the overall [CD4.sup.+] cell population but no change in [CD8.sup.+] cells in the peripheral blood of patients with acute hepatitis E patients [3], an increase in the proportion of [CD8.sup.+] T cells in AVHE but no change in the [CD4.sup.+] T cell compartment in peripheral blood [19], unchanged percentages of [CD4.sup.+] & [CD8.sup.+] T cells in AVH-E and recovered individuals compared to the controls and significantly increased [CD8.sup.+] T population in the recovered individuals compared to AVHE reported by us clearly indicate the probable modulation of immune response by peripheral immune cells [7].
Squares Square acvs Between 1.868 2 .934 2.365 .95 Groups Within 242.921 615 .395 Groups Total avhe Between 2.025 2 1.013 2.572 .77 Groups Within 242.126 615 .394 Groups Total 178.591 617 avsr Between 1.438 2 .719 2.091 .124 Groups Within 211.498 615 .344 Groups Total 212.936 617