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AVHSApple Valley High School (Minnesota)
AVHSArkansas Virtual High School (online alternative education; Arkansas Department of Education; Enola, AR)
AVHSArk Valley Humane Society (Buena Vista, CO)
AVHSAustralian Veterinary History Society
AVHSAvon View High School (Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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Based on previous studies [4] we conducted an exploratory pilot study to investigate FCPs between the DMN and other brain regions related to schizophrenics' experiences of AVHs with and without insight using the FC map technique.
Four representative cases were chosen: a normal subject, a surrogate data set, a patient under dense AVHs who additionally exhibited TBs, and a non-TB patient, respectively.
An array of AVHs is introduced for multiple-source localization problems in [5].
Auditory verbal hallucination (AVH) persists in about 30% of schizophrenic patients despite adequate treatment with antipsychotics.
In this light, the novel's metafictional elements function as part of that representation, simultaneously eliciting a specific type of readerly response that mimics the experientiality of AVHs while also signifying the destabilization of Caroline's sense of self which results from her hallucinations.
Evidences show that AVHs persist in spite of treatment in 32% of chronic patients (21) and 56% of acutely ill patients.
Authors such as Stanghellini and Cutter (2003) question the notion that AVHs are perceptions occuring in the absence of appropriate external stimuli.
[1,2] The pathophysiological basis of auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) remains unclear; functional brain imaging studies suggest the involvement of frontal and temporal cortical regions as well as deep brain structures and the limbic system.
AVHS is a proven platform for video surveillance-as-a-service (VSS) where the number of sites and camera installations is unlimited.
This study is a mixed-methods case study of Antelope Valley High School (AVHS).