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AVIAudio Video Interleave (multimedia container format)
AVIAutomatic Vehicle Identification
AVIAudio Visual, Inc. (various locations)
AVIAortic Valve Insufficiency
AVIAudio Video Interleaving
AVIAudio Video Integration
AVIAustralian Volunteers International (Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia)
AVIActual Value Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
AVIAdvitech Inc. (Quebec, Quebec, Canada; stock symbol)
AVIAutomated Vehicle Identification
AVIAuditory-Verbal International
AVIAssociation for Veterinary Informatics
AVIAdvanced Visual Interface
AVIArt Vivant (French: Living Art)
AVIAdd Value International (e-business; Canada)
AVIAvionics Integration
AVIAmerican Veterans Institute (Tipp City, OH)
AVIAdopted Vietnamese International
AVIAdvanced Vehicle Identification
AVIArk Valley Interurban (trolley; Kansas)
AVIAnalog VHDL International (industry group)
AVIAluminium Véranda Industrie (French: Veranda Aluminium Industry; Asnières sur Oise, France)
AVIAbdominal Volume Index
AVIArabian Vermiculite Industries (Saudi Arabia manufacturer of fireproofing products)
AVIAudio Video Interactive, Ltd. (interactive audiovisual services)
AVIAirborne Vehicle Identification
AVIArmy Veterinary Inspector (typically, a military food inspector)
AVIAortic Valve Area Index
AVIAviation Restructure Initiative (US Army)
AVIAustralian Veterinarians in Industry (Australian Veterinary Association)
AVIAudio-Visual Isomorphism
AVIAudio Visual Integration, Inc (Fort Wayne, IN)
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Jensen said the Chamber members and the community are invited to a "come-and-go" celebration for Ben Avi at Pookie's sports bar at 4:30 p.m.
"A key part of the book for me is his rumination on being told what to do," Avi says.
Avi was not only an expert in middot (measures), he was also a baal middah, a kind, humble, thoughtful, and friendly person willing to help one and all.
Implementing a new concept for an efficient and cost-effective truck assembly, the AVI facility is one of the first in the world to produce both Volvo and Renault trucks on the same assembly line.
The vendor wants to use its Avi Vantage Platform to
"Hamotzi became a must-go-to place when visiting Jerusalem not just because Avi Levy is Master Chef's hero," said Rotem Maimon, food editor at Haaretz.
Avi Weinstock and Chaim Tessler negotiated these transactions.
"We have been very happy with our partnership with Indigo and look forward to working with AVI. Our 13 year history of successful collaboration is a positive sign of even better developments yet to come."
She attributes much of the relative ease with which Avi has done so to the acceptance and support their family has received at Netivot Shalom, a Conservative congregation in Berkeley, where they have attended Shabbat services every week since Avi was five months old.
With her light hair and pale skin, she looked to Avi like a swan dipping in and out of a vaporous pond as she leaned forward to smell the sauce on the stove.
As an alternative littoral zone, we installed the AVI in Lake Paro and observed the growth of macrophytes and ecological changes.