AVIAMAssociations d'Aide aux Victimes d'Accidents Médicaux (French: Medical Acident Victims Assistance Association)
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Aviam told AFP that one of the sites, the only one so far excavated, was believed to be the correct site.
Marie in Abbate, iuxta iardenum domine Margarite de Accia>>, naming his heiress the <<nobilem mulierem Biliam de Amato, aviam suam maternam>> (1422).
Dean Aviam Soifer provided generous summer research support to the first author.
(191) Aviam Soifer presaged this trend when, in 1986, he wrote that
409, 409-50 (1990); Aviam Soifer, Moral Ambition, Formalism, and the "Free World" of DeShaney, 57 GEO.
409, 415 (1997) (discussing courts' misconstructions of the ADA's definition of disability); Arlene Mayerson & Matthew Diller, The Supreme Court's Nearsighted View of the ADA, in AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES 124, 124-25 (Leslie Pickering Francis & Anita Silvers eds., 2000) (arguing that the Supreme Court's narrow reading of the ADA leads to absurd results and inequality); Aviam Soifer, The Disability Term: Dignity, Default, and Negative Capability, 47 UCLA L.
Nuno teria analogia com Galaaz e ambos estariam proximos dos santos, pois, segundo Fernao Lopes: "hu tamtas virtudes aviam morada [...] vicio algum podia ser hospede" (FERNAO LOPES, 1990, v.
Earlier in the year, the Israeli government was forced to acknowledge a top-secret meeting held between caretaker Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Aviam Sela, the chief architect of Israel's 1981 attack on Iraq's Osiraq nuclear reactor, after the media got wind of the details.
Earlier in the year, Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert held a secret meeting with Aviam Sela, the chief architect of Israel's 1981 attack on Iraq's Osiraq nuclear reactor.
It transpired that the top Israeli administration had had a secret meeting with architect of Operation Opera, Retired General Aviam Sela.