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I believed her young, ardent, reckless, disillusioned, under sentence, feverish, avid of pleasure.
Philip, his restless mind avid for new things, became very devout.
Nor was this difficult, since the girl was avid to learn.
A light wind was moving through the jungle aisles, and it wafted down now to the nostrils of the eager carnivore the strong scent spoor of the deer, exciting his already avid appetite to a point where it became a gnawing pain.
She never mentioned the school, concerning which Anne was avid to hear; she never answered one of the questions Anne had asked in her letter.
What an odious, ungratified existence it must have been for a woman as avid of all the sensuous emotions which life can give as most of her betters.
For them there could be naught but enmity, yet he liked well to watch them, avid as he was for greater knowledge of the ways of man.
She congratulated herself more than once on having nothing to do with women, who being naturally more callous and avid of details, would have been anxious to be exactly informed by what sort of unkind conduct her daughter and son-in-law had driven her to that sad extremity.
"I have little brothers and sisters, over there, poor avid innocent.