AVIFForschungsvereinigung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Eisen Und Metall Verarbeitenden Industrie (German: Research Association of the Association of Iron and Metalworking Industry)
AVIFAble Volunteers International Fund (Summerbridge, North Yorkshire, England, UK)
AVIFAction sur la Violence et Intervention Familiale (French)
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The value of AVIF 1.430 is lower than 3.3, which indicates that the model is a good fit.
ROE adjusted for amortisation of AVIF and intangibles, to exceed 4% in 2018.
Index Value Average Path Coefficient (APC) 0.343, P < 0.001 Average R-Squared (ARS) 0.400, P < 0.001 Average Adjusted R-Squared (AARS) 0.395, P < 0.001 Average Block VIF (AVIF): acceptable if [less than 1.819 or equal to] 5, ideally [less than or equal to] 3.3 Average Full Collinearity VIF (AFVIF): acceptable 1.847 if [less than or equal to] 5, ideally [less than or equal to] 3.3 Tenenhaus GoF (GoF): small [greater than or equal 0.517 to] 0.1, medium [greater than or equal to] 0.25, large [greater than or equal to] 0.36 Table 5: Effect sizes of direct effects.
A analise com o software WarpPLS 2.0 oferece tres importantes indices de ajustes: (i) AVIF, que e uma media entre os VI Fs (variance inflation factor); (ii) ARS, que e uma media entre os coeficientes de regressao [R.sup.2]; e (iii) APC, que e uma media entre as cargas dos caminhos (Kock, 2011).
In the pursuance of product quality, performance and reliability, the Bauer company have instigated a research proposal on their own product range, designated as AVIF Proposal Number A210.
Van Deman, a retired former MID officer who ran a private espionage network to assist the then under-resourced MID, commissioned a lengthy report on Untermyer from the American Vigilante Intelligence Federation (AVIF) of Chicago.
AVIF is calculated for a variable as [(1 - [R.sup.2]).sup.-1] using the coefficient of determination [R.sup.2] from a model regressing this variable on every other variable in the model (Kennedy, 2003).