AVIMOArmy Visual Information Management Office
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Representative examples include the Colds from Eads, the Third Eye laser warner from Moked of Israel, the WPL-1 Bobrawa laser warner from PCO of Poland, the Lird-1/1A irradiation detector/warner from Fotana of Slovenia and the LWD 2 laser warner from Avimo (now Thales).
Stocks with Significant Difference in Student-t and GET Likelihoods LR Test: Descriptive Statistics Stock GET vs t Skewness Kurtosis Avimo 7.92(*) 0.97 4.50 Cerebos 6.32(*) 0.31 12.39 LumChang 14.12(*) 1.02 3.63 NOL 3.06(+) 3.43 22.0 Singbus 3.86(*) 0.64 3.54 SIA 3.74(+) 1.04 4.80 Singtron 5.26(*) 0.42 5.43 UIC 4.36(*) 4.15 28.05 WBL 3.22(+) 1.03 5.80 YHS 5.16(*) 0.91 4.92 Hawpar -5.44(*) -0.30 2.91 NatSteel -3.76(+) 0.18 2.89 Sembawang -3.36(+) 0.11 2.65 Notes: This table summarises ten stocks for which the GET outperforms the Student-t in terms of likelihood ratio test with the Student-t distribution as the null hypothesis, and three stocks for which the GET underperforms the Student-t.
The development will create an extra 26 jobs, taking the total employed to over 190, in addition to those being transferred from the Avimo plant in Prestatyn which is to be closed down following the takeover last year.
Alvis charged an exceptional gain of pounds 16.1 million from the sale of its remaining 17 per cent stake in Avimo Group during the year.
The Pip1 demonstrator was created by Alvis, who fitted a Warrior with the Computing Devices Canada battleWEB BMS and an Avimo Battle Group Thermal Imager.
The St Asaph site is part of the new HTO-UK group which also comprises Thales Space Technology at Bodelwyddan and the recently acquired Avimo Optical Imaging in Prestatyn with expected group sales this year of up to pounds 50m.
Taking in a one-time gain of pounds 16 million from the sale of a remaining 17 per cent stake in Avimo, pre-tax profits rose from pounds 5.9 million to pounds 22.2 million.
Experience in Kosovo led the British Army to modify around 40 Scimitar tracked reconnaissance vehicles with a Tactical Navigation and Target Location System in which the laser rangefinder, which forms part of the vehicle's existing Avimo Spire (Sight Periscope Infra-Red Equipment) gunner's thermal sight, is linked with a KVH Industries TacNav fluxgate compass-based position and navigation system, a north-pointing sensor and a Rockwell PLGR GPS receiver.
The new HTO-UK group consists of St Asaph-based Thales Optics, Thales Space Technology at Bodelwyddan and the recently acquired Avimo Optical Imaging in Prestatyn, together with Avimo Thin Film Technologies based in Plympton.
The optical operations were transferred to a Singapore subsidiary of Alvis, Avimo, in 1993, and Alvis reduced its stake in these gradually until finally selling out last year.
The British firm Avimo displayed its Vedette laser warning device for use on armoured vehicles.
It said there were strong synergies between the two avionics and advanced optical component factories in terms of products and customer bases which will provide the new organisation with opportunities for growth in the future and offset a potential decline in the Avimo Optical Imaging orderbook.