AVIOSApplied Voice Input/Output Society (advanced speech technology)
AVIOSAmerican Voice Input/Output Society
AVIOSAssociation of Visually Impaired Office Staff (est. 1998; UK)
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From the outset, AVIOS recognized that technical development is only one part of the equation; offering a forum for discussion and brainstorming across multiple disciplines was just as critical.
The types of submissions AVIOS has received since 2007 reflect the evolution of speech technology and the industry itself.
The conference examines practical applications of speech recognition, text-to-speech, audio search, speaker authentication, and other speech technologies, as well as proper practices to make those technologies fully effective," added Bill Scholz, AVIOS president.
We are delighted to be working with the VoiceXML Forum on industry growth and educational initiatives," said Bill Scholz, President of AVIOS.
You might see some of these apps in the AVIOS student contest at this spring's MobileVoice conference.
In vehicles, a voice option is a must, and automobile companies as well as mobile operators know it," confirmed Tom Schalk, AVIOS vice president, and vice president, voice technology, at ATX Group, which supports wireless services for auto companies.
AVIOS sponsors an annual speech application development contest for students (www.
AVIOS and Bill Meisel are joining together to provide a definitive resource for companies that will be impacted by this important trend: the Voice Search Conference.
AVIOS' goals in sponsoring the contest were to foster creative thinking in the use of speech technology and to encourage student participation in AVIOS.
The AVIOS awards are the highest honor an individual or organization can receive in the speech technology industry.
What is voice search, and why does AVIOS feel it is significant enough to warrant a new conference?
AVIOS Selects Speech Engine as Best of Show at SpeechTEK