AVIPAnthrax Vaccine Immunization Program
AVIPAIDS Vaccine Integrated Project (EU)
AVIPAvionics Integrity Program
AVIPAudio/Visual Intellectual Property (technology security)
AVIPAssociation of Viewdata Information Providers
AVIPAssociazione Viviamo in Positivo (Italian: We Live in Positive Association)
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34) The House Government Reform Committee asserts that AVIP was "[b]orn of a post-Gulf War panic over apparent weaknesses in chemical and biological warfare defenses, [and] the AVIP is an unmanageably broad military undertaking built on a dangerously narrow scientific and medical foundation.
To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the AVIP Program, Secretary Cohen required that AVIP meet certain safety, operational, tracking, and medical conditions before it was fully implemented.
The legal controversy over AVIP involves military, political, and medical issues.
The AVIP raises an ominous question: who protects the force from ill-conceived force protection?
VAERS reports related to anthrax vaccinations are consolidated for AVIP by the Defense Medical Surveillance System.
The DoD, through the AVIP, seeks to reduce these threats.
Aimed at both consumer electronics devices and internet appliances, AVIP will include integrated security and additional connectivity features.
38) Moreover, AVIP was implemented despite the fact that the vaccine had not been evaluated for the potential to impair fertility or cause fetal harm.
We're extremely honored to receive this recognition from AVIP, particularly since this is the first time it has bestowed such an award on a health service company," said Keith Dixon, Ph.
Building on its global expertise in linking computing and communications technologies through its system-enabling software, as evidenced by its experience with ebetween(TM), Phoenix will work with JVC to develop the AVIP technology.
In addition, AVIP will be designed to enable quick and easy connectivity to a network system without a PC or PC-related equipment and bring reliable and automated configuration of electronics and appliances.
We see AVIP enabling easy consumer product connections to network systems.