AVIRISAirborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
AVIRISAdvanced Visible and Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (remote sensing)
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RLS-OPB-P, it is true, gets significant acceleration factors on AVIRIS images.
Salinas hyperspectral image obtained from Salinas Valley located at California by AVIRIS sensor.
HyspIRI is many years from launch and not yet under construction, but AVIRIS and MASTER are airborne prototypes of its two instruments, developed so that scientists can work out scientific and technological issues in advance.
1999), using a modified form of spectral mixture analysis applied to an AVIRIS image collected over two study areas located in California, was able to discriminate the OM contents of soils with a high degree of accuracy.
Automated spectral analysis: a geologic example using AVIRIS data, North Grapevine Mountains, Nevada.
Hunt used the AVIRIS remote-sensing data to improve the WISP model.
El objetivo es utilizar la informacion satelitaria de distinto origen, SAC-C, Landsat y AVIRIS, con variada resolucion y bandas que sirven para identificar los diferentes estratos que corresponden a distintas formaciones, donde se han encontrado restos fosiles y permiten, con estos resultados, servir de guia para la busqueda orientada de restos paleontologicos.
Remote sensing of nitrogen and lignin in Mediterranean vegetation from AVIRIS data: Decomposing biochemical from structural signals.
The AVIRIS images indicate that the plume moved southeast from Ground Zero on the afternoon of 11 September across lower Manhattan and over areas of Brooklyn.
AVIRIS is a unique optical sensor that delivers calibrated images of the reflected spectral radiance in 224 contiguous spectral channels with wavelengths from 400 to 2500 nm.