AVKApplication Verification Kit
AVKApplication Verification Kit (Java)
AVKAudio Video Kernel
AVKAnti-Vitamin K (biochemistry)
AVKAngle Validation Kit (est.1998; paving; US DOT)
AVKAufgaben, Verantwortung, Kompetenzen (German: Duties, Responsibilities, Authority)
AVKAuto Vertrieb Kielsburg GmbH (German: Kiel Castle Auto Sales GmbH)
AVKApothekersvereniging Van Kortrijk (Dutch: Pharmacists Association of Kortrijk; Kortrijk, Belgium)
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In the mergers, common shareholders of AGC and LCM, respectively, received newly-issued AVK common shares in tax-free transactions having an aggregate net asset value equal to the aggregate net asset value of their holdings of AGC and/or LCM common shares, as applicable, as determined at the close of business on August 24, 2018.
When AVK had suspended its sales in the Korean market over the past two years because of the emissions scandal, Mercedes and BMW collectively had a 30 percent share of the nation's imported car market.
Copart's chief executive officer, Jay Adair, said, 'We are thrilled that AVK and its team members have joined the Copart family.
El control del INR es importante cuando se inicia manejo con antagonistas de la vitamina K (AVK).
AVK will supply the city with its products, including valves and hydrants, to further expand capacity at KAEC as it continues to develop its infrastructure.
224-FZ, dated 27 July 2010, 'On Countering the Misuse of Insider Information and Market Manipulation and Amending Certain Laws of the Russian Federation' the agreed beforehand actions by LLC Rotor, LLC Zhilstroy, LLC AVK, LLC Permtransmekhanizatsiya, LLC TSK-1, LLC Rentek, PJSC Promakriv as well as P.
Soil organic matter (OM; determined by oil bath-K2Cr207 titration), available nitrogen (AvN; measured by alkali-diffusion), available phosphorus (AvP; extracted by NaHCO-extraction, ammonium molybdate-tartaric emetic-ascorbic acid colourimetry) and available potassium (AvK; measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometer) were analysed in the study.
v(x-S) has no maximum but v(x-S)less than a for some avK or
Customers that Meba directly supplies are Sadip, Weir, Amco, Flowserve, Modern Precast, Saudi AVK Valves, Bin Habib, ITT, Saudi Mechanical Industries and Al Khorayef, among others.
Clients include AVK, Hill & Smith, Finnings UK, and Sandvik.
- Elena Karina Byrne, Executive Director of AVK Arts, author of The Flammable Bird Masque and Squander