AVLBArmored Vehicle Launched Bridge
AVLBAviation Logistics Base
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Army Chief of Staff stated, "The continued recapitalization and modernization of 40- to 50-year-old equipment in the face of overmatch and increasing challenges from our adversaries places our Army at increasing risk on the future battlefield against near-peer threats." (1) The equipment he referred to are items currently authorized in our mechanized engineer formations: the M113 armored personnel carrier, first fielded in 1960, and the armored, vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB), first fielded in 1967.
Here at Ft Leonard Wood's Engineer School/ students give our seven AVLBs a lifetime of use every training cycle.
One technique used recently was to have AVLB commanders report directly to platoon leaders, who acted as crossing site commanders at the call-forward area to control throughput from the call-forward area to the crossing sites.
The US Army has, in fact, been funding an AVLB development programme by BMY, with Israel Military Industries as major subcontractor, since 1983.
But it does show a drawing of the AVLB without the bridge.
His assets--M9 armored combat earthmovers (AGEs), armored vehicle-launched bridges (AVLB s), armored vehicle-launched MICLICs (AVLMs), and Volcanoes--are generally not working for him but are task-organized with one of the line platoons.
On one such patrol, locals--complaining that their horse-drawn carts would not cross an armored, vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB)--approached the engineers and asked them to remove the bridge.
Topics included the current status of the Wolverine, the armored vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB), the heavy dry support bridge (HDSB), and the improved ribbon bridge (IRB) programs and the activation of the multirole bridge companies.
So they're faced with a bit of a challenge when its time to lube the roadwheel arm bearings on the AVLB.
The most senior armored vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) tank commander--usually a junior sergeant who must lead his soldiers and peers--is now the squad leader.
How much lube an AVLB roadwheel hub gets depends a lot on how you install its cover plate, mechanics.