AVLIAustralian Vocational Learning Institute
AVLIAuditory-Verbal Learning Institute, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
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Avli Shlaim, who once proudly served in the Israeli military, is not known to be regularly given to such public indignation.
While in Turkish, the word was first accommodated to the rules of palatal harmony (> avli) and after that to labial harmony (rendering avlu, with the second vowel rounded under the influence of the labial consonant /v/), the word received a prothetic /h/ in Central Asia.
to -n id -a pu e- pez -e s- tin 3S.M-A see:AOR-1S that PAST-play:IPF-3S in-DEF.A.F avli courtyard "I saw him play in the courtyard" b.
Turkish health minister said one of the activists was Turkish citizen Imdat Avli and the other was a citizen of Ireland.
The PTI leaders - Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Dr Arif Avli, Khurram Sherzaman - were on a truck Tabdeeli Express, carrying central sound system.
"Avli by tashas, our new restaurant that will open in the DIFC in December this year, is another licensed concept store.